Saturday, January 12, 2013

Errantists, Why So Shy?

If you can't tell already from the past few posts, I'm actually, truthfully, trying to get an errantist to engage my arguments here. I want him to explain to me his standard he uses to judge a teaching of the Bible to be true or untrue, good or bad.

But, alas, they can only snipe at me from afar. One posted my last article in a forum, and so it seemed, in order for errantists to come get me and "have fun." I was hoping they would. I would like some interaction.

Yet another named Norrin Radd (aka "Wayne") posted this:

"Kind of a stupid article.  I'm not sure whether the author is intentionally deceptive or just kind of uninformed and dim, but the outcome is the same."

Shucks, I sure wish I could be enlightened where I went wrong. Clearly a cult leader that says the Bible is errant and can tell you that from his own experience and authority is nothing like an errantist who says the Bible is errant and can tell you that from his own experience and authority. I guess I'm just too misinformed and dim to get that, since clearly you call one a "cultist" and the other you assume to be a Christian. Duh. I apologize for my deceptions, lack of knowledge, and dim wittedness.

I await my errantist knights in shining armor to come save me, and apparently Augustine (another dim-witted ignoramus) from my mistakes. I do hope they come (with more than just ad hominems that is). 


  1. B.C.
    I posted the lonk, but am definitely a presuppositional inerrantist. Go back to that site, look at my profile, and see my posts. They will textify to that.
    My "have fun" comment was tongue in cheek, because I was hopong someone would take the bait and interact; yet I was reasonably sure that there would be no rational responses.

  2. Sigh...and "testify"
    I shouldn't type on an Ipad at 12:30 am

  3. Thanks for clarifying that for me, jntskip. I appreciate it. Sorry I took that wrong. That was my mistake then.
    I really was hoping that someone would interact as well, especially with my previous post concerning discerning the spirits. I think that's a really important question and it might also reveal that many errantists are actually assuming a higher view of man and his abilities to know apart from Scripture what is true and false, good and evil.

    Thanks again and God bless.