Monday, January 30, 2012

T. D. Jakes and Oneness Theology

Nick Norelli has a short audio post that I think everyone who is on the fence about Jakes should listen to. The Trinity and Christology is pretty much Nick's subject. He's an avid reader of theology, but this is what he reads about the most, so for those who may not know what to conclude, I would place a lot of weight on what Nick says here. He's also had a lot of interaction with Oneness theology, which makes his judgment on the matter even more weighty. I've found that the divide and confusion seems to be between those who have interacted heavily with cults and can spot their redefinitions of theological language and those who do not have a large experience in dealing with cults. To the person who has had little experience in getting to the heart of what a person in a cult believes, Jake's language will sound fine. To the person who has had a lot of experience, a lot of what he said is an alarm bell ringing heretical theology loudly in our ears. Here's the audio:


  1. Thanks for the nod in my direction. I moved your comment on my blog to the post you linked to here. You had left it on one of my "Bible in a Year" posts. Hope you don't mind.

  2. Thanks for correcting that, Nick. And, again, thanks for the good discussion on the matter.