Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Personal Goals for 2012

My goals for 2012 are as follows:

1. Get up with the family early in the morning to do devotions and work out.

2. Get my thesis done, pass my comps, and (finally) graduate with my ThM in New Testament.

3. Send in five different book proposals plus a proposal for a children's book I've written.

4. Finish two books: one on inerrancy, entitled, Inerrancy for the Rest of Us: Saving the Doctrine of Inerrancy from Fundamentalists, Liberals, and Textual Critics, and the other on the Book of Genesis, entitled, The Genesis I Never Knew: What the Book of Genesis Really Teaches and Why You've Never Heard It.

5. Put in a great application to Princeton Theological Seminary for their PhD program in Old Testament.

6. Eat health food most of the time and junk food some of the time (right now that's reversed).

7. Teach my four older children more Hebrew, Greek, and Latin by implementing an immersion method of teaching that requires them to speak in the dead languages we're learning. The familiarity in learning a language this way will help next year when we begin to learn German and French. I plan on teaching them Scripture and prayers, so that we can learn by doing devotions in the languages (rotating between languages by reading a text in one language, explaining it in another, and praying in another).

So that's what's on the agenda for 2012 in terms of my personal goals, along with everything else that comes our way regarding the church plant, helping Allison reach her goal of writing a book that she's been wanting to write for a few years now, etc. I pray for God's guidance, and know that the success of whatever I plan depends upon Him. Have a blessed and productive New Year.

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