Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unbelief Makes People Irrational

I've had quite a few religious conversations with unbelievers in my life, and it always amazes me, not just that someone doesn't believe (I can understand that), but the utter lack of cognitive thinking skills that seem to decay in those who do not believe. It's almost like an attempt to justify the unjustifiable causes one to adopt fallacious arguments on the one hand and a posturing attitude that makes claims to great rationality on the other. In other words, it is almost like the dumber these apostates and atheist apologists get, the more they boast about how intelligent they are. Now, if an argument, a real one, accompanied these people, it would be fine. We would just disagree about the subject, but not be capable of even reading your opponent's argument, not be capable of acknowledging a fallacious reasoning method, continue dodging questions that clearly refute what is being said, to change the subject when one is not winning an argument, and then to act as though it's the believer that is the intellectually challenged one is just plain pathetic. I weep for the oncoming generation, as it is filled with these cookie-cutter, brainwashed people. It will only mean the death of wisdom and all of her children.


  1. Oh my goodness! I thought I was the only who experienced what you so well described.

    Depraved foolishness is titanium-strength implacable.

  2. Yep. It's also seen very well in apostates when it comes to their Bible knowledge. Where they once may have understood a verse in context, now it seems that they have completely lost the ability to understand that same verse. It's quite a scary thing.

  3. BC Hodge: So who are the apostates: Calvinists or Arminians? This is no trivial matter: it will impact the message you preach as well as how secure you find your own salvation to be.

    Same thing with Pentecostals vs cessationists: only one group can be right. Either Pentecostals are being given gifts everyone else is not, or they are deceiving themselves.

  4. "So who are the apostates: Calvinists or Arminians?"


    Apostasy is a rebellion against the truth. It is an act that displays an unrepentant attitude that is not in submission to the Spirit of Christ as Lord as He conveys truth through the Word of God. As such, it's not about individual doctrines, but the spirit of unbelief toward the truth. There are many who were in submission to Christ before they understood the Trinity or nature of Christ or even the implications of the gospel, but they were still Christians due to their growing toward the truth in submission to Christ. Apostates are moving away from submission in order to form their own religions and worldviews as self-deified rebels. So it's about the nature of the path that the gospel, or rebellion toward the gospel, sets one upon, not where one is on the path.

    btw, the distinction isn't between Pentecostals and cessationists as much as between charismatics and cessationists, and there is nothing in that disagreement that affects the gospel. Both are trying to serve Christ faithfully. They are not both right, but both can evidence a spirit of submission or rebellion toward the truth.