Sunday, March 10, 2013

Motherhood Is a Calling

I would change the title to, "Motherhood Is the Calling for a Woman," but other than that, the article is pretty good. 


  1. Hi Brian - so do you think there's no calling for some women to be single - that all Christian women *should* be married?

  2. Thanks for asking, Ben. I'm glad to clarify that. I believe motherhood is the role of every woman, but that doesn't mean biological motherhood. What I mean by "motherhood" is a role she is to train for and employ as a woman. So it's a role of "mothering" children. I see Paul as saying that the single woman should train herself and employ motherhood to spiritual children in discipling younger women and children. So the woman is always a mother in some way. This would be the case for married women as well. It's just that this is, beyond adoption, the only avenue for single women to foster the role for which they were created.