Monday, November 5, 2012

What All of My "Tolerant" Postmodern Friends Should Be Saying If They Were Consistent

I've found that I've matured in my understanding of religious beliefs, and am no longer judgmental of the religious views of others. After all, who is to say my expression of the truth is better than the beliefs of anyone else? I've advanced beyond the child-like stage of judging right and wrong, truth and error to one of acceptance and love. That's why I can celebrate the religious beliefs and actions of this couple as just as reflective of truth and good as my own. You would have to go back to that paleolithic belief that one can have certainty of truth and good to judge this couple, and that, My Friends, would be wrong (said with absolute certainty that it would be wrong). Some people like to instruct their children to guard their eyes, some people let their kids destroy themselves in their relationships, and some people throw acid on their children according to what they believe. It's immature and arrogant to judge the beliefs of others, and I am the height of maturity and humility. Therefore, I will be civilized and embrace this couple's actions as a legitimate expression of worshiping God.

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