Thursday, September 13, 2012

Light Posting

I get quite a few emails from my friends here to post on various topics. Just so everyone knows why I haven't gotten to everything yet, we're actually in the middle of a big move. I'm originally from Las Vegas, NV, but came out to Chicago for about 8 years for school and then moved out further here to PA for more schooling, went down to MD to do ministry and then back up here to live; but we're returning now to Vegas which is closer to my family and will hopefully provide further ministry opportunities among the people to whom I always felt a personal obligation to serve for Christ. I'll be trying to post here and there, but it may be rather light for now. I'd also appreciate your prayers on our move. My wife is eight months pregnant and we have our six little ones with a big trailer swagging behind, so it's a task about which I could use a lot of prayer. Thanks and God bless.

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