Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's What Makes Liberals Liberal

Liberals, even if they are conservatives (I know that sounds contradictory but it isn't), eventually come to more liberal positions when they have to make some room within their theological and ethical framework for friends and family that may beyond the bounds of that framework and therefore stand condemned by it. It's no wonder, then, that experience-oriented theology, a.k.a. "liberalism," runs with the tide of whatever cultural conditioning within which it finds itself. If you have this sort of self-based assessment of truth and good, and you have a son who is gay, you'll end up affirming his sin rather than correcting it. In any case, I found this to be illuminating, because it explains why, at least for McLaren, there was, and is, an emotional need to destroy the orthodox doctrines of hell, exclusivity, and to fight against the Christian ethic that condemns homosexuality, coupled with the idea that one ought to be disciplined by the Church for such acts rather than celebrated.

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