Friday, May 18, 2012

Homosexuals and Effeminate Men Are a Chemical Mutation

LOL. This would have never made it on TED Talks if the speakers had made that connection, but it seems quite clear that such can be applied in such a way. I, of course, think that these environmental issues, along with liberals, are important (for different reasons than liberals do). So even though this is spoken in a TED Talk (i.e., church for liberals who don't want to go to church--most liberals don't), I think it was a fascinating talk nonetheless. 

n Of course, my quest is not to find the secondary means through which the judgment of God (via Romans 1:18-31) upon a culture comes; but only that such secondary means are successful in the first place due to God's handing people over (to their own tendencies to go down wrong paths, to the devil, to their environment that was meant to be ruled by them, but now rules over them, etc.). 

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