Thursday, May 24, 2012

Biologos, Theistic Evolution, and Misplaced Confidence

Having been one who used to "hang out" a lot at the Biologos website and listen to, and sometimes join in, the conversations there, I can say with certainty that Mike has hit the nail on the head here. This all stems from Enlightenment ideas (primarily what I defined as a liberal take on things in recent days) that see theories based on empirical data as more certain than beliefs based upon external sources of authority that discuss metaphysical ideas. If Christians, aided by the Holy Spirit of God, can come to different conclusions about the Bible (i.e., the expressed means through which the Holy Spirit brings us into the truth), then why in the world would we believe that we can be more certain about natural revelation when we have not been promised any aid by the Holy Spirit or that He will use that as His means to bring us into specific truth? In other words, if we are so in need of God to help us understand something due to our finite condition and fallen nature, why do so many fail to apply such to theories based upon empirical observations?

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