Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Infallibility and Knowledge

Everyone has an infallible source of authority by which he measures all other sources and claims. Hence, knowledge is possible, precisely, because one has the ability to judge one suggested claim against the known truth of another. For one, it is whatever current opinion held by the scholarly guild on this or that ethic, on this or that view of God, on this or that historical reconstruction, on this or that scientific theory. For others, it is their own personal feelings and experiences. Yet, for the Christian, his infallible source of authority is the Bible. Only those who confuse the mind that is without God in the world and the mind that is with Him argue that the zeitgeist is normative. In reality, there is either the Word of God or the opinion of men, and if the Word of God be nothing but the opinion of men, then there is no distinguishable infallible source of authority, and knowledge, therefore, is impossible.

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