Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Figured It Out

Have you ever spent countless hours in a conversation with someone, completely come to the obvious conclusion with them that their views have been refuted, only to have the person reassert the same idea that has just been shown to be false via logic and divine revelation? This describes about half of the conversations I get into. And I don't mean that we just disagree. I mean that what they say is clearly fallacious and can be shown to be fallacious, but they just don't care. They keep on keepin' on.

Well, I finally figured it out. I know the secret that so many probably already know. I realize now why my conversations with postmoderns are so frustrating. It takes me longer than most, but I finally got it. Postmoderns don't care about logical argumentation, unless it gives them the upperhand, because they don't think truth can be known that way. If they're arguments are illogical, they just keep trying to press them with the sheer, unrelenting volume of repetition. "Why?" you may ask. Because postmoderns don't believe that truth can be known through anything external to themselves, and so they believe the truth that they have personally come to believe cannot be evaluated that way. They don't believe in logic. They believe in power. Postmodernity has created an environment where might makes right. Majority rules, so postmoderns wish to rule the majority. That's why, for the pomo, everything really is about power. The seek to build an utopian society based upon their ideals, and in order to do that, they need thought control. Whereas ancient kings conquered externally, they wish to conquer from within. They are the Ozymandias of thought control, who can now boast about the expanse of their kingdom. So it doesn't matter if what they are saying is logically or biblically faulty. They just want to win, because they believe that whatever they believe is true because they personally have come to that truth. That's why they don't listen to people when their arguments are refuted. They don't change their minds. They believe they're right and that's all there is to say. If you don't agree, you're clearly not as evolved in your thinking. So they just want to press their opinions on others as much as possible through whatever means possible, whether it has been refuted by vehicles through which one can determine truth that are external to their own subjective experience. They just want the control of Hollywood, the media, politics, churches, law, etc., because it gives their views the dominant voice that would have otherwise been gained by logical argumentation in a society that had cared more about what is true beyond one's own experience. Since postmoderns have abandoned the idea that truth can be evaluated from external criteria, like logical argumentation or divine revelation, and can only be "known" existentially, the only real way to convince a society that one's ideology is better is to force those ideas onto that society using every access to gaining power one has. This is where our style of ridiculous protest largely came about. This is why postmoderns today continue the legacy of protest by carrying signs that are not functional for conversation, shout over people who are trying to speak on college campuses, emote rather than expound upon ideas logically, use ad hominem and invective so much more than actually present an argument. That's because when you get to the end of an argument, and it's clear now that the postmodern has lost the debate, he doesn't care. He just wants to believe what he wants to believe, because he believes he has arrived to that belief through a better way than one who uses logic (i.e., common sense reflective of God's nature) and divine revelation as his guide. He'll use both of those right up until he loses by using them. Then he'll just say something like, "Well, we just need to agree to disagree." Um, yeah, I agree to acknowledge that our disagreement is because you are unwilling to accept what is clearly true.

Of course, to use oneself as the standard is to make oneself the Word of God rather than the Bible and the superior of logical argumentation itself. The Bible gets to be the Word of God as long as it agrees with me. When it doesn't, it's made up of the opinions of the authors. After all, I know the truth and if the Bible disagrees with me, it must be mistaken, and not really the Word of God then, since God would agree with me. The same goes for logic. If logic agrees with me, then great. I'll use it. If suddently I realize that your logic is besting mine in a debate, I'll simply make excuses as to why you're still wrong (maybe it's because you're just obstinate and cannot see the truth with which my experience has blessed me). Even though I can't argue logically, I'm sure your logic is faulty; and even if it isn't, logic isn't the answer anyway, since if it were, it would agree with me. Again, my personal experience is the standard; hence, I am the standard. We see how narcissism then is tied to the postmodern view of truth. Despite the claim that postmoderns are ever so humble now because of their subjective access to truth, it has actually made us a society of people who think that each and everyone is an individual god who gets to be the standard of what is really true and right. Disagree, and show why that person is mistaken, and you will simply be dismissed as unenlightened. If you were more enlightened by experience as I have been, you and your logic and your Bible would be in agreement with me. You will now be placed in the category of one who must be tolerated; and by "tolerated" I mean someone who should be defamed and stripped of any authority to influence, hated with passion, and avoided in terms of any relationship one might have with you. In other words, you can go to a virtual concentration camp, exiled from my life and the lives of others among whom I don't want you to have a voice. That's postmodern tolerance in an age of "diversity" (i.e., everyone having differing secondary views as long as their primary beliefs are exactly the same as mine will be acceptable).

So it doesn't matter how many times you refute something and it should lie dead on the battlefield of ideas. The postmodern will erect it again and again and again and again (ad infinitum) because he thinks he's right and has the right to enter the conversation as the teacher via his personal experience, which if truth be told, is simply what his culture and subcultures have brainwashed him to believe. He'll simply keep pouring it on, again and again, with as much power as he can gain to do so. What he doesn't realize is that he's actually a pawn of the philosophies of other men that have advanced within our culture, and those ideas themselves are a part of the world in conflict with God. His personal experience is nothing more than a facade. His inability to take divine revelation and logic to their ultimate conclusions, to the destruction of his personally acquired ideas showcases that he is a slave to the world and to the one who rules that world with philosophies that lie and refuse to support what is true and God-honoring. So in the pursuit to have power over oneself and others, he actually displays his enslavement and impoverishment in terms of power.

The great illusion is that he who influences the most people wins, and this is why postmoderns want power (they must conform all people to their own image). Of course, the world is already convinced, so he becomes doubly deceived when he accomplishes his task through various mediums of influence and force. But those who truly see the world through a means beyond themselves see the poisoned fruit of such thinking. They realize that he who has exalted God above himself in his use of what God has given him is the one who wins in the end; and so Christ's words ring true that "wisdom is vindicated by her children." It's never obvious to the dense until its too late. People who are blinded by their own cultural ideas don't see how wrong they are. It's the next generation that will manifest how stupid the ideas of the previous generation were (and their children will display how dumb their ideas will be in return--such is the plight of the culturally-bound); but by then the postmoderns will all be gone, their protest signs found in history books will simply serve as their shattered visages lying in a wasteland of their own making.


  1. "That's why, for the pomo, everything really is about power."

    One might change the first letter of "pomo" to an "h" and it would still be an accurate description of the agenda.

    1. True. The issue of homosexuality is a good area to see the postmodern mind at work (lots of bad arguments there); but I've also seen this with Christians. It's part of our rebellious nature to justify at the expense of God's truth displayed in Scripture and reason. The pomo worldview just makes it culturally acceptable and even noble to do it.