Monday, June 25, 2012

TED Talks (or, The Empire) Strikes Again

TED Talks is the club of great ideas for people who don't actually know with any certainty what "great" is. Of course, that's made clear by what ideas they think are great; but they'll be crammed down our throats regardless if you want to attend school, watch tv or a movie, listen to music,etc. The Empire looks shiniest when there aren't those nasty rebels out there trying to blow up the Deathstar by questioning the greatness of their ideas. Hence, it just won't include anyone who can actually challenge those ideas (I appreciate that a Christian like Rick Warren was asked to speak, but really, he's not a Christian professor).

Surprisingly, there is some that I agree with Dennet on here (like teaching your kids the facts about other religions and that atheists can be "good" people without believing in God--that was never the argument--the argument has to do with having an actual, non-subjective/relativistic basis for it), but there is so much rubbish as well (like we should just disobey Jesus and think less of Him because Dennet likes diversity in religious belief--btw, notice that Dennet wants naturalism to pervade the globe which would syncretize all religions and essentially wipe them all out at their core). There is a lot more I could say about how hypocritical and contradictory this entire speech is, but I'll just quote Billy Crystal in "Monsters, Inc.": "I don't know about you, but I spotted several mistakes."

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