Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Lament for the Unbeliever

Unbelief is appealing, not because it is intellectually satisfying, but because it is fun. We disguise it as sophisticated with sophistry and posturing, but in the end, it is intellectually bankrupt, showing itself to be stupidity rather than stupendously coherent.

But aside from our exaltation of it, it is a pseudo-intellectualism, a deformed philosophy, that brings forth deformed creatures.

And this is the judgment of God at its beginning. Not fire from heaven, but a giving over to become less human. The more God gives one over, the more unbelief takes hold, the less a human becomes a human and the more he or she becomes some malformed creature, a creature, not meant for this world, but of chaos, of the abyss, belonging to something like the demons that are described, not even as animals, but as hybrids, distorted and dying.

We see, then, that unbelief is a journey of becoming, but not of becoming a created human, greater than the angels, but becoming something lower than a dog, feeding on whatever passions enslave it to speak and act in the moment: to kill, to bark nonsense continually, to eat itself to death, or lick itself in public. The mind becomes cruder, the mouth becomes ruder, company becomes lewder.

And only in the end will this golem of a creature be thrown into a place where it belongs, a place of chaos, a place where mutants dwell. It is a place that is made for such worthless beings, a place of fire, of darkness, outside the created order where fully formed beings dwell. Such creatures mimic the condition of their eternal destination in the here and now.

As Peter says, there is nothing left for them but to be caged and destroyed like a rabid animal.

What a sad state for this, what we can only call, "thing," both in our day and in that one. Licking up its own vomit, eternally degenerating into something it was never made to be. Enslaved forever by its mental, emotional, and spiritual retardation, a twisted mass of nothingness, it becomes an appropriate dwelling place for blind and deaf spirits, and demons seek it out like zombies feeding on brains.

A hatred for those who are truly human, and the God who creates them by ordering and giving them healthy minds that lead to life, is all that is left. These creatures feed on humans. They desire for all to be ruined as they are, and only those who bind themselves to the Creator will be truly created and escape them. Believers are given eyes to see. That's what believing God does. And they can see clearly what these sad souls cannot . . . that unbelief is anything but fun.

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