Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Wisdom of Drew

At least she's sacrificing the right thing now that she knows better. Most women who haven't achieved the "success" she's had in the world are like the poor with the lottery. The poor think, "If only I can get my hands on that money, my life would be so much more worthwhile." That's what women who sacrifice their families for worldly success believe about it. "If I only achieve this or that, then I'll be fulfilled and feel my sense of worth."

I meet a lot of older women, who have a child, or children, now grown, when I'm walking along with my kids who tell me, "I wish I had spent more time with my kids." "I wish I had more of them." "I wish I had just an hour more with them being young."

Not one of them has ever commented that they wish they had worked more and had more success in other pursuits. Not one. Yet, how many younger and middle-aged women, going through a midlife crisis, have given up their families, whether practically or literally, in an effort to be all they can be?

Incline your ear to wisdom. Listen to Drew.

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