Thursday, March 21, 2013

If Adam Was a Gatekeeper . . .

The Serpent (to Eve): Did God really say that you would die if you ate of the tree?

Adam: Yes, He did. I don't care for your undermining His authority.

The Serpent: Hey Man, I'm just asking questions. What are you so afraid of?

Adam: No, you're undermining God's Word with your dogmatic statements in the form of "questions."

Eve: Adam, we should really be more open to questions. We might drive away a friend.

Adam: No one who undermines God with his questions is our friend.

The Serpent: Dude, you are such a fundy. Stop trapping God in a box with your "dos" and "do nots." "God is this." "God is that." "God doesn't like this." "God doesn't like that." Maybe God is so much bigger than that.

Adam: God is the one who gave us those "dos" and "do nots."

The Serpent: Did you ever think that maybe if you eat of that tree that you will understand God even more than that "Word" you think you heard from Him allows? Maybe if you stop being such a gatekeeper and be more open to let people ask questions, you'd get God a lot better. Beside, you're not the only one that God made. He made all of us, so everyone should be allowed at the table.

Eve: What if he's right, Adam? We could be missing out on knowing and understanding God and life by limiting ourselves to a narrow interpretation of what we think God has said.

Adam: Not listening to God will limit our understanding of Him because we'll be latching onto lies that take us further from that understanding. Now, get away from that tree, Eve. I'm going to kill that snake.

So death came into the world by Adam. It was the last death to occur in the world. And men lived eternally.

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  1. "Now, get away from that tree, Eve."

    I love a good counterfactual!