Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Review of Rachel Evans's New Book, or as I Would Title It, "Why Layman Shouldn't Write Books"

I'm looking to write a post at some point concerning the state of biblical scholarship as a non-academic club that reads the biblical text, its supposed area of expertise, in ignorance. I was reminded by this review how such ignorance trickles down to layman who wish to support the religion of the Self by attacking orthodoxy and orthopraxis. There are so many ethical, theological, methodological, and factual errors in this book that it could only be published by that bulwark of integrity and theologically astute entity that is Thomas Nelson Publishers. I'll likely have my own review at some point, but I sure won't be lining the pockets of the ridiculous with my money in order to do it, so I need to wait to get a used copy at a thrift store, the only appropriate resting place for such a piece of work as this. For my part, I would argue, and have argued, that people who hold to such positions and have such self-centered trajectories in reading Scripture and interpreting life (i.e., liberals) cannot be, and therefore, are not, Christians. Hence, she went out from us (clearly) because she was never of us. The book is, therefore, based upon the pretense that she was once an evangelical Christian, when, in fact, by her own admission, she was never raised as such, but rather was raised as a liberal like her parents. In any case, this is the type of book you get by these people (i.e., "I was once this, but then I saw the light . . ."). It's all to give more credibility to the incredible.


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