Thursday, April 12, 2012

Celebrity Pastors

Justin Taylor commented on an interesting exchange between Carl Trueman and some of the T4G guys.

I think it is interesting that if the conference were to be nine local pastors who were solid, you wouldn't have tons of people coming from around the country for it. What does that say about why one might go to this? We can make the argument that we just like what these particular pastors have said, but we've only heard them because of their celebrity status. Their books sell because of their massive churches and their celebrity due largely to those churches or one particular book they've written that propelled them into the spotlight. We can make all of the excuses, and people who want to protect their heroes will always justify it, but the truth of the matter is that we are enamored with celebrity in our culture, and I see it all the time in evangelical circles. Thank Christ through the Holy Spirit for what you learn, and know that the same Spirit who speaks through these pastors speaks through pastors who are lesser known as well. So if He does, why not, at the very least, do as Carl suggested, and have a couple local guys preach there as well? At least that will give the impression that it is the Spirit through the Word that we are seeking rather than to hear our favorite rockstar sing.
Again, I realize that people are attracted to others who stir them emotionally and challenge them spiritually, but I can't help but feel that these pastors and megachurches are simply a sign of the times when Walmart takes over the little shops and people on TV have become our role models rather than the local fireman or teacher. Just my two cents on that.

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