Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Girls Like Playing House

I'm sure people get tired of me speaking about this issue, but the truth of the matter is that this is perhaps one of the most important things we as a society will ever learn. And yet, we've lost who we are. We are busy seeking to be important, and because of this, have completely missed just how important we already are. We want to be CEO's, we want to be superheroes, we want to be rockstars, we want to be celebrities; and so we look at the mundane as . . . well, mundane.

But I'm going to talk today about why girls like to play house. Why they like to set out plastic plates on a table and serve their pretend husband and children. Why they enjoy playing with dolls, and why they love toy kitchens.

You see, they are practicing for the role of a lifetime. They are practicing to become wives and mothers, because that is what has been placed within them to become; and only a lifetime of contrary indoctrination by a society set on exalting buffoonery and degrading the normative activity of women could undermine who they are and who they were always meant to be.

Women are meant to be homemakers. They are meant to be life givers and life preservers, and that is what a homemaker is. We, as the superficial culture that we are, think motherhood is giving birth to a child, but motherhood is giving life to children by giving one's life to them from before they are even born, in birthing them, and each and every day from that time forth. A wife and a mother, a homemaker, is the best possible job a woman can have. Don't believe me? Let me put it into perspective for you.

Wonder Woman probably saved people about a hundred times in her career (maybe more or less). A CEO may or may not have saved anyone once or twice. An entertainer may or may not have saved anyone once or twice. But a mother saves her family each and every day, perhaps, more than once a day.

Still confused? Let me say it this way. If she was to neglect doing the dishes and let her family eat off of dirty dishes, is there a good chance her family will get really sick, and in all probability, die? If she doesn't do the laundry in order to rid clothes of possible disease, or clean the house in order to rid it of the same, will her family get sick? Could they die from disease?

If she does not feed them, will they not starve to death? If she does not clothe them or provide for them a home in which they can thrive, will they not get sick or die from exposure? Think it's silly? Try not doing all of these for a month and see how many members of your family you have left.

Yet, our culture holds all of these things to be below a human being. They are the tasks of servants, so we are told. They are the labors of dogs, and we want to be exalted as gods. Yet, these tasks save the lives of her family each and every day.

And what about her spiritual duties with her children? If she doesn't model for her children spiritual humility before God, will those children not likely rise up in rebellion against Him in the same way? Will they not repeat her pattern of belief and lifestyle? If she fails to teach them the gospel both in word and in deed, will they not likely perish unless a stranger, by God's grace, intervenes?

The mother, like the father, is a destroyer of chaos in the home. When she fails to do her role, death occurs for her loved ones. And this isn't worthwhile? Is this not the best thing you could ever do in your life, saving the lives of your most loved ones? There is nothing greater on earth. Wonder Woman doesn't save your husband and children each and every day. You do. A CEO doesn't save you're family each and every day. You do. A rockstar doesn't catch your family and pull them back from the brink of death each and every day. You do.

Do you get it now? YOU ALREADY ARE THE SUPERHERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You already are the CEO. You already have the most important job on the planet. It's the best job that is reserved only for the best person who can do that job. God has made the woman to be a homemaker, given her different, and likely many more, abilities than the man in order to accomplish this most important task. She is the rescuer of her family. And she does this by doing, yes, here it comes, housework, because housework isn't really about the house. It's about saving lives. And that's what she is programmed to do. That's why God made her last, so that man would know that he wouldn't be able to pull off his task without her (the text in Genesis 2 doesn't say that the man was lonely, the Hebrew indicates that mankind wouldn't exist without God making her). And if she doesn't do it, woe to her husband and children. For if she uses her gifts elsewhere instead, she misuses them, and chaos takes over the home.

Again, can she bring home the bacon and defend the home herself (i.e., do the man's job) with the help of technology? Of course she can. I just said she has more abilities than the man has. In fact, I truly believe that women are superior in their makeup to men. But those abilities have been given to her, not to settle for doing his role, but to take on her own.

So women are told one thing, but their likes and dislikes portray another. They like making homes. They like creating living space. They have fulfillment in making a good meal for their families. They enjoy a clean home with clean children and clean dishes. I've got news for you, guys could probably just let all that go for awhile. Women? Not so much.

Now, do our roles just come to us with all enjoyment? No, not always. Whoever said the most important things we should do in life are the easiest or the most likeable? Not me. We have to work at them. They are hard, and we often feel like failures in those roles, simply because the task of superhero takes some practice and we live in a fallen world, so that even if we do our tasks completely, they may ultimately fail. Along with this, we have a society constantly, incessantly, preaching to us that we need to become something great like the next American Idol, the next celebrity, the next "Somebody." We, then, feel like we need to accomplish something more than just being husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. But the truth is, we already are so much more in those roles than we could ever become in another.

Women are the guardians of the household, and they perform that role by cooking, cleaning, creating life and living space, and teaching through word and deed. They already are Wonder Women, the most important of two superheroes their children will ever know, the most important superhero currently in her husband's life. She stands between the threshold of life and death and decides to give life via those mundane tasks without which destruction would overtake the household and bring the family to ruin. When they practice these things in role playing as children, they're getting ready for the most essential role they will ever play in life. And that is why girls like playing house.

Her children rise up and bless her;  Her husband [also], and he praises her, [saying]:  "Many daughters have done nobly, but you excel them all."  (Prov 31:28-29)

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