Saturday, February 25, 2012

Christology Month @ RDTWOT

Nick is doing a theme each month, where he reviews books on a particular subject. I think this month is Christology month, as he has been posting some really great reviews on books concerning that subject. Again, this is Nick's subject. He is widely read in this area and knows his stuff really well. We would be wise to listen to him on the matter. The common claim among cults and within a lot of scholarly circles today is to follow an evolutionary model of Christology, where the view of the historical Jesus develops into a Jesus of faith who is eventually seen as divine. Hence, there has been an attempt to date books that present Christ as divine as much later works and the idea of Christ as God as either something that arose in later times or something that is evidence of a divine inclusivism in the first century. But there has been a lot of scholarly study in this area that has pushed back at this idea in recent years, and Nick is right to bring them up here. Here are a couple of his recent posts.

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